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sony already discontinuing 20 GB PS3

April 11, 2007

Haha, I love how they put out these press releases with totally straight faces. “Overwhelming customer demand” huh? Let’s see, last time I wandered through the EB/Gamestop at the local mall … 60 GBs rotting on the shelf, 20 GBs nowhere to be found. The “overwhelming demand” is for the 20 GB because it’s the […]

real men eat quiche

April 11, 2007

And they have websites!

Sony’s Home – the hell are you people thinking?

April 10, 2007

All right, here’s something that’s been brewing up for a while that I got to unload. This Home thing, the “free” (with $600 purchase) app for the Playstation 3. If you aren’t aware of it you can catch up over here. The mainstream gaming press fell all over themselves when this was announced, which is […]

get email from your old flame Captain Ahab!

April 10, 2007

Haha, every time I go to check my Yahoo email this pic never fails to amuse me : I think they were trying to get the couple in the back, that screaming old dude jumped in the way at the last second. “Thar she blows! A hump like a snow-hill!”

project “s”?

April 9, 2007

Hmm, a possible Snatcher sequel involving the guy who did Killer 7?

Dracula X : Fucking Metal Edition

April 6, 2007

  Well it seems that I somebody got it into their head that, while the Dracula X : Rondo of Blood soundtrack is really pretty good, it would be a fun experiment to throw in music from the hard rockin Dracula Battle Perfect Selection albums, and then toss the results up over at Rapidshare, since […]


April 5, 2007

In honor of Star Fox 64’s release on the Virtual Console, please enjoy the best promotional video ever made

rondo of blood

April 4, 2007

Been really digging into Dracula X : Rondo of Blood the last couple days, to the point where I’m not Getting Stuff Done that I should … but anyway, Castlevania fans may recognize this one as the entry in the series said to be second in quality only to Symphony of the Night, yet never […]

this guy has some great Mario illustrations

April 4, 2007

Kenny Velez