sony already discontinuing 20 GB PS3

Haha, I love how they put out these press releases with totally straight faces. “Overwhelming customer demand” huh? Let’s see, last time I wandered through the EB/Gamestop at the local mall … 60 GBs rotting on the shelf, 20 GBs nowhere to be found. The “overwhelming demand” is for the 20 GB because it’s the cheapest BluRay player on the market …. but people who buy it for that aren’t buying any of Sony’s crappy PS3 games, so they take their loss on the console sale and then don’t make it back up in game sales. Of course, instead of admitting they made a stupid business move (or doing something really shocking like making more of an effort to get quality games licensed to their system) we get this B.S. … Sony is so pathetic

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