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i agree with Jack Thompson on something?

September 24, 2007

Yeah, at least in basic principle – that Halo 3 is a nuisance to the public, at least the fucking overwhelming barrage of advertising. It’s yet another fucking FPS, doing the same goddamn things you did in Goldeneye just with more advanced violent graphics, all the kids and frat boys and comp. sci. nerds who […]

i think this might be my new favorite blog –

September 21, 2007

Ask Lo Pan

12 year old gets 6.5 mil in venture capital for multiple MMOG money system

September 20, 2007

“Playspan promises a product that will attempt to be an official commerce provider for multiple MMOGs, and has signed up seven partners already” Do note : “PlaySpan was founded by Arjun Mehta (pictured) , a 6th grader from Silicon Valley ” Translation : His dad is behind this and is using the kid for publicity

Shuffling Gear!

September 19, 2007

“It can’t be!” um … Pilotwings? It can’t be?

extreme robot fighting challenge

September 14, 2007

Oh man, so Groader sent me some links to these Japanese robot battle videos on Youtube … I’ve spent like an hour watching ’em. It’s like Xenogears, only fun. Anyway, check out my recap of tonight’s action on Extreme Robot Brawling – 1) Robocop v.s. Pervert Cow – “Dark Match” to get the early arrivals […]

woopts woopts … uh, well, kind of

September 13, 2007

Neo Geo games coming out for Wii Virtual Console … uh, well, in Japan that is. And there’s only three so far. And it’s three of the shittier ones – the first Fatal Fury, the first Art of Fighting and the first World Heroes. This could point to Last Blade / Samurai Shodown / Magical […]

tighten up those graphics!

September 12, 2007

I expect results in this organization!

war is not a game

September 5, 2007

Iraq war veterans protest America’s Army