extreme robot fighting challenge

Oh man, so Groader sent me some links to these Japanese robot battle videos on Youtube … I’ve spent like an hour watching ’em. It’s like Xenogears, only fun.

Anyway, check out my recap of tonight’s action on Extreme Robot Brawling –

1) Robocop v.s. Pervert Cow – “Dark Match” to get the early arrivals warmed up for the action

2) The Red Jogger v.s. The Black Lion – Red Jogger opens up with Rapist Dive for a quick takedown to set the tone of the match! At 0:23 he executes a Grope Scoop taking his opponent by surprise for another point. 0:45 sees a confident Red Jogger taunting his foe with a moonwalk, before executing a stunning combo of Grope Scoop followed by two successful Rapist Dives. At 1:10 Black Lion begins to show some life and attempts a Somersault Press, but Red Jogger adeptly reverses the move into Butthump Takedown. In a futile last ditch attempt to score Black Lion goes into seemingly random and desperate series of Somersault Presses, before just deciding to show off his funky dance skills. Red Jogger puts a swift end to the match with Stumblebum Backwards Takedown! Red Jogger appears to be a formidable challenger, but it remains to be seen how much of that is skill and how much of it is just that Black Lion is fucking worthless without the rest of Voltron to back him up.

3) Gold Nukem v.s. Silver Dukem – OK here’s a more evenly balanced match between what appear to be the Nukem Dukem robots. Silver’s early modified Grope Punch is well off target leaving an opening for Gold Nukem to execute Headstand Kick to the face. Silver then proceeds to land a solid Grope Punch on his second attempt sending Gold flipping backwards in comical style. Gold limply tries to shuffle back into the match but finishing blow of “Froor Punch!” sends him spiraling to his gruesome death off the table.

4) Intermission – HumpBot does his thing
Take it Aibo!

5) Hmm let’s see …. Robo Valdez v.s. The Shuffling Samurai

This one is more like a crazy robot dance competition that ends in tragedy when the Shuffling Samurai shuffles into Robo Valdez and nearly knocks him to his death off the platform

6) Scuba Molester v.s. The Fan Spammer

In this brief match the Fan Spammer’s Blowjob Technique is just too much for his foe

7) Pooh Bear v.s. Megatron

Pooh Bear appears unconcerned with Megatron’s jaw jacking … but then his overconfident taunting leaves a supreme opening for Megatron’s Suicide Punch!

8) Gold Boogey v.s. Drunken Master

OK this is probably the most lopsided match you’ll see here tonight … Gold Boogey just wants to boogey down in the center of the dance floor but Drunkard Master who is like 2x his side and has some fucking giant stick the size of his body apparently has other plans

9) And tonight’s main event …

Robot Royal Rumble / Orgy

For the love of god get those children away from there before they lose an eye!

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