invokes Triple Tech “Ass Pyramid”



Since the month started I’ve been thoroughly enjoying a replay of Chrono Trigger, which I haven’t played in like … years … I don’t even remember when the last time was.

Anyway this time out for variety and fun and such, I thought I’d emphasize characters that I tended to leave having coffee with Gaspar at the End of Time the whole game in my previous runs. Which is basically anyone not named Crono, Robo or Magus.

So on my most recent playthrough I am just now discovering that…



Hey, Ayla is a pretty awesome character! She throws people, and she steals enough tabs off of enemies to make your characters into ridiculous juggernauts even if you want to run past every optional battle in the game.

Anyway, most of my parties now seem to involve some harem of females such as Frog In Your Throat (Frog, Marle, Ayla). We’ll just assume Ms. Thing here uses some kind of stone tweezers to keep her legs silky smooth. And … uh … she has one of those deodorant stones they use in Thailand. Yeeeahhh… that’ll keep all my hentai fantasies intact!

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