i came from the bottom, now i gots all the trannies

OK, so first off I’m not much of a TV watcher and I’m definitely pretty anti-commercials, I mean I am not one of those dudes that gets all excited about the Super Bowl commercials each year and what have you. But I’ve been watching the NFL playoffs the past two weeks and there’s this bizarre commercial that keeps popping up that I guess is pretty effective, because it’s stuck in my head now.

OK so it’s for some cell phone company or another and it starts off with random generic rappers talking about “yo i gots all the moneys and gold teefs, my dick is big” etc. and soforth.

werd1.png        werd2.png

OK all well and good, and totally ignorable. Until ….


Random tranny jumps in absolutely out of nowhere and starts rapping about phones too.




Is it “street” to be a tranny now? Have they been accepted by the hip-hop community? Is this a showing of community love and solidarity that I was previously not unaware of?

Or is it just a semi-brilliant shock marketing move? I’m betting on the latter, except it only kind of worked … the commercial is stuck in my head, but only the random disturbingness of it. I can’t even remember who the company is that is trying to sell me phones, nor does rapping tranny fill me with any real desire to go buy one even if I did.

P.S. Oh wait, bonus material –


If this dude is in fact “Tha Boss”, why is he wearing the janitor’s shirt?

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