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the American way, all the way

March 24, 2008

Heh OK … so this post is about the movie Idiocracy and how the world (or at least United States culture) is continuing to turn into it. If you haven’t seen Idiocracy you should go see it, it has stuff like this in it – Anyway, I don’t have cable at home so I don’t […]

a good day for jazz

March 14, 2008

  I’ve been playing both the new Sam and Max games and Phoenix Wright lately, and as it happens they both have some pretty good jazz soundtracks – there’s a bunch of MP3s for free download at Telltale games, and then Gyakuten Saiban Meets Jazz is easily worth a download as well

crock tower

March 7, 2008

As you may or may not have noticed, over at The Website I wrote a review of the Playstation version of Clock Tower, which I’d been meaning to play for years and finally did. While perusing various informational online archives, as I am wont to do so as to sound Sophisticated and Erudite when scribbling […]