za buru hatsu

Well, I guess I’m a J-Pop nerd now? … If you stopped by Plato’s Cavern recently you might note that I’ve been playing Ouendan … well, as with EBA, most of the soundtrack wasn’t really my thing, but it didn’t really matter in terms of gameplay … however, there was one song in the first Ouendan that I really enjoyed, the energetic Linda Linda by The Blue Hearts … apparently they were a pop-punk band that was really popular in Japan in the late 80s-early 90s … after doing a lot of reading about them it seems like they were sort of “radio friendly punk”, kinda like Green Day is here … but oh well, Good Song is Good Song … plus, they get some props from me for ditching their Mitsubishi-backed record label after they tried to pressure them to cut an anti-nuclear-power song from an album … that and the fact that the lead singer delivers a good performance despite apparently suffering from a lot of random epileptic seizures, as you can see in the Train-Train video

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