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help computa

August 30, 2008

This is probably relevant to at least some people who pass thru here … as of Oct. 1 Comcast is imposing a 250 Gb per month transfer limit on their customers

use x-ray specs

August 28, 2008

No, not on him, you fool! Quest For Glory 2 VGA is out!

samus cosplay

August 22, 2008

Heh when I first saw this I thought it was a Japanese chick who dyed her hair blonde … turns out it’s a Swedish student … go figure It’s not any Erotic stuff, just really nicely detailed outfit … hmm she does have some Zero Suit pics though, come to think of it …

ok note to game designers

August 21, 2008

You guys really don’t need to pander to people who play games for sadomasochism rather than pleasure, they’re a small minority, and they’ll just invent their own insane “LV 1 WOODEN SWORD NO ITEMS IN HANDCUFFS WITH DUCT TAPE OVER MY EYES” challenges for themselves anyway if you leave them alone


August 18, 2008

Top search result by which people come to this blog from Google – “KUNG FU HOMO”

the best movie evar made

August 18, 2008

This is part 1, check dude’s profile for the other two parts Auch! WordPress doesn’t allow Youtube in-line video links? OK, here’s the HTML Clicky Version

“sin and punishment” – the stock profile

August 14, 2008

OK, so I’ve never been into Wall Street or trading stocks … actually I pretty much view “high finance” in general as the tool of Mammon and part of the global system of oppression and all of that … however since the beginning of the year I’ve been seeing ads for this “Wall Street Survivor” […]


August 7, 2008

“Many Wikipedia articles on Japanese culture are bizarre mixes of made up opinions and essays by people who took one year of Karate or played a video game and now consider themselves experts on Japanese history.” – Anonymous commenter, Bushido talk page, Wikipedia