“sin and punishment” – the stock profile

OK, so I’ve never been into Wall Street or trading stocks … actually I pretty much view “high finance” in general as the tool of Mammon and part of the global system of oppression and all of that … however since the beginning of the year I’ve been seeing ads for this “Wall Street Survivor” fantasy stock trading game on various gaming sites, and I had an idea for a social experiment that I wanted to try with it.

My idea is to create the most evil stock portfolio in the world, which I call “Sin and Punishment” for short, and see how it performs as Western civilization and it’s fake-ass economy begins to enter the stages of really starting to noticably crumble around everyone’s ears.


Anyway, I’m playing on there as Mortimer Duke – here’s a snapshot of my portfolio from today :

In case you are like me and have no idea what the fuck all those ticker symbols stand for here’s a quick list of my investments so far –

AACC – Asset Acceptance Corp – “Junk debt” collectors (5 shares @ $9, 40 at $10.96)

CWX – Corrections Corporation of America – Largest private prison company in America (50 shares @ $27)

HAL – Halliburton – Infamous “no-bid” military contractors and builders of as-of-yet-unused “detention centers” all over America in the last few years (15 shares @ $44)

KBR – Kellogg, Brown & Root – Former Halliburton subsidiary, now the largest non-union construction company in the U.S., they were involved with the building of aforementioned “detention centers” (50 shares @ $23)

LMT – Lockheed Martin – “Aerospace company” that has been the biggest developer of weapons of mass destruction for use in global conflicts (10 @ $113)

GD – General Dynamics – Defense contractor that gets fat off every American war (10 @ $92)

DCP – DynCorp International – Private military company that sounds like something out of Perfect Dark (50 @ $15)

ARTX – Arotech – Another military / defense contractor that was really cheap for some reason (100 @ $1.72)

MANT – ManTech International – Largest IT contractor for “Homeland Security” and the Department of Defense (15 @ $58)

SBMRF – Miller Brewing – Aside from beer they make fine malt liquors such as Olde English (100 @ $21.80)

SAM – Samuel Adams Brewing – Sam Adams beer brewers (50 @ $46)

TAP – Molson Coors Brewing – Another brewer of cheap mass market pisswater beer (50 @ $49)

MO – Altria Group – Formerly Phillip Morris (40 @ $21)

HSY – Hershey – Makers of cheap, waxy chocolate that are lobbying to get “chocolate” legally redefined by the FDA so that it can contain 100% vegetable fats and no cocoa whatsoever and still be sold as “chocolate” (40 @ $41)

CBY – Cadbury – Another cheapass chocolate maker (40 @ $42)

DEO – Diageo – World’s largest purveyor of hard liquors, they own the Smirnoff brand, Popov, Gordons, Tanqueray, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Seagrams, Goldschlager, Pimms, Baileys, a bunch of wines and beers including Guinness and Red Stripe, they also distribute Jose Cuervo in North America though they don’t own the company. Yeah, one massive multinational owns like 90% of the liquor you see on the shelves at your local store. (50 @ $73)

MGM – MGM Mirage – Biggest chain of casinos in North America (50 @ $34)

IGT – International Game Technology – Biggest slot machine provider in North America (50 @ $23)

ITY – Imperial Tobacco Group – Cigarette company involved in all sorts of international markets (50 @ $68)

Heh I also wanted to invest heavily in Orange Juice futures but apparently the game doesn’t let you do that 🙂

I only bought relatively small stocks in these to start out with, I might pump some of em up more and I’ll probably add new evil shit as I come across it.

If I were actually trying to make big money, what I would do is try to find “up and comers” in these areas instead of going with the big boys. That would involve tons of research and stuff and it’s beside the point anyway, what I want to do is just see how much all this stuff goes up over the next coming few years or so as an indication of the general direction of society.

Either way I win, if it doesn’t go through the roof it’s a good sign that maybe there’s hope for humanity, if it does then I get rich in the midst of chaos! Such a deal.

2 Responses to ““sin and punishment” – the stock profile”

  1. Great post – I laughed my butt off. I am also of the very Bearish persuasion about the U.S. economy and I also play at WSS.

    I sent you a Buddy Request so that you at least have one friend in your descent into hell and evil profits!

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