OK, so I fired up a season in Tecmo Super Bowl using the 2K9 patch made by this dude “Drummer4God”. It’s pretty impressive work, not only does it have rosters updated to literally a few weeks ago, with Favre to the Jets and “Chad Ochocinco”, but he hacked the rom to have all the current teams in the current division structure with their current logos, and tolerably close color schemes.

Anyway, I decided to report on the results of my run to the Supar Bowl with the Steelers for no apparent reason.

WEEK 1 – v Houston – Strangely, the final score came out only 1 point off of reality. Matt Schaub torched my secondary a lot more than IRL, though, and I also forgot to change my playbook prior to the game so I was stuck with a bunch of the bumb Steelers plays from the Brister era. Worked out all right, though, as they completely failed to cover Santonio Holmes every time I threw the ball. (W 39-17)

WEEK 2 – v Cleveland – OK, thanks to Mr. Partisan Patch-Maker’s inability to be objective for the sake of balanced gameplay, this turned out to be an epic battle, due partially to the fact that he made the Browns O-Line and Jamal Lewis hit ridiculously hard, but mostly due to his ridiculous inflation of Joshua Cribbs stats, to where he was completely unstoppable on kick and punt returns unless three defenders reached him at the same time. He got me for three runbacks in a row, but I managed to contain him and the Clowns in the second quarter to no scoring at all, and fortunately their defense was still pretty shabby and did nothing to stop any of my drives, leading to a victory. (W 37-27)

WEEK 3 – v Philadelphia – This one was almost the exact inverse of IRL. Donovan McNabb got sacked 8 times and I was in the backfield all day, but Roethlisberger decided to phone it in an ended up overthrowing a bunch of passes, leading to a mere 2-0 lead for me at halftime. In the second half Santonio Holmes finally broke wide open and got two long TDs and McNabb was only able to muster six completions and one touchdown despite making virtually every completion he threw into double and triple coverage. (W 16-7)

moar to follow

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