tecmo 2k9 part 2

vs Baltimore – OK, I think I see how dude did the stats for the game … “If a team is at all good at anything in real life, crank ’em up 80x in the game!” Seriously, Baltimore fields a very good defense every year IRL, but in this game they are ridiculous, like playoff caliber in the early going of the regular season. Some dude I’ve never heard of named Ngata was charging around the field at Warp 9 crushing anyone he touched, and the only way to stop him was a double-block (where the defender is fighting with one guy, then another guy runs up and knocks him off). Fortunately I had one run play designed to do just that to the guy in his position, and I managed to quick-release some passes to Hines Ward and Heath Miller and abuse their high catch levels. Joe Flacco is also a little more accurate than he should be (he pulled the ol’ “make completions even in double coverage” move Donovan was doing last week, though not as often) and as usual TSB makes even the most mediocre running backs cut and move like Walter Payton. I almost bumbled away the game because I thought it was still the 3rd quarter in the 4th, luckily I ran a long pass in for a last-minute touchdown. (W 28-27)

vs Jacksonville – After the crazy battle with Baltimore, Jax went down surprisingly easy. Gerrard holds the ball for a really long time for some reason, and calls a lot of pass plays, and with me that spells death for an offense. The defense also was weak. (W 30-6)

vs Cincinatti – Unlike IRL, Cincy has a winning record and is closest to my lead in the division. I limit Carson Palmer to 18 yards passing on the day but they still come close due to yet another no-name running back juking and jiving like a Hall of Famer. Cincy also has this one really goofy play which is a pitch out to the running back, who then pitches back to the quarterback, which they run a lot … if you slam the quarterback the RB still turns around and tries to pitch to him, leading to instant fumble … the thing is, it can blow up in your face if a bunch of teammates aren’t nearby, because your guy almost never picks up the ball, and if a Bengals lineman gets it he’ll go on some 30 or 40 yard rampage down the field. I caused 3 fumbles this way, the first led to a touchdown for me, the second and third led to big gains against me. In the end I have to hold off a two touchdown rally by Cincy in the second half, but we come out still undefeated (W 19-13)

vs NY Giants – Super Bowl Champ Giants secondary is really good for some reason – everyone is always covered and I can barely complete any passes on the day. Eli holds the ball for too long and gets sacked a bunch of times though … yet another mediocre runner racks up a big day on me and keeps it competitive, but Willie Parker also shreds a very tepid Giant run defense, and I end up with a fairly comfortable win (W 27-10)

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