sup Muesters

I heard you like Fruda, so I put a post in the internet machine so you can hope while you hope.

For fans of the nearly decade long drama/trollfest that has been the Shenmue 3 campaign, a lot happened on Monday in Japan.

Ryo varsus Kittay! Leeeeedy! GO!

There was a press conference with Yu Suzuki, Segata Sanshiro(!) and a bunch of other Sega peeps to unveil some screenshots for the new Shenmue City project. Here’s a link to a summary in Japanese, which I can’t read, but it appears to be a sort of “visual novel” style RPG set in Dobuita before/during/around the events of the first Shenmue. Players are based out of Ryo’s dojo (gonna get crowded in there!) and help him tune up on the Mad Angels or something. Not especially clear on how that’s going to work right now.

Anyway, the main thing is that Yu confirmed that basically this is an effort to draw a more mainstream following to the Shenmue franchise so that, in turn, actually finishing the series in proper form will be financially feasible.

During Q&A Yu actually made it sound like a shakedown

“There is a story post Shenmue II. While I can’t make any promises at present, if Shenmue City is loved by users, and if service for the game continues, I believe we’ll be able to deliver those through version ups and so forth.”

“”If service continues, I believe we’ll be able to share [the rest of the story] at some point in some form.”

Well look at you gangster Yu. But then, what else can he really do. This is probably the last hope for the Shenmue series ever being finished and we’re probably lucky that there’s even this much of a chance.

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  1. I wish that Sega would have some random moment of clarity and just say “You know what? Fuck our next shovelware Sonic game. Let’s see what Suzuki could do with that budget money. Alas.

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