you seen this game Homefront?

Ph33r ur chunky WoW-playing Overlord

I’m late to the party as usual, I know, but I don’t really keep up with FPS games or THQ.  Just happened to see a commercial for this on TV and within minutes I was on the internet registering my disgust (I actually thought it was China when I first half-watched the commercial).

Anyway, from the Wiki:

Homefront is set in a near future America in 2027 when a now-nuclear armed Korean People’s Army invades the USA.”

The game focuses on the collapse of the United States, subsequent occupation by the Greater Korean Republic – a united Korea under the rule of the North – and the American Resistance that fights said occupation.

Said Tae Kim, a former CIA field agent on the game’s backstory, and a consultant: “we went to a very rigorous, academic research process to make sure to not only look at North Korea’s current state but to look at historical examples how things could parallel and turn events. History repeats itself. From today to the day the invasion starts in the game, if you combine everything, the odds are very very slim this becomes true. But when you look at the storyline step by step, every step is a coin flip but a plausible step

“2013: Kim Jong-un reunites North Korea and South Korea under North Korean rule.”


The only way this even begins to sort of sidle in the direction of plausibility is if the “destabilization of the United States due to peak oil” happens earlier. But they don’t have that even really beginning until 2015! What impetus does S. Korea have to just suddenly “unify” with North Korea and let Kim Dong Jr. institute a Communist totalitarian state?

Oh well, THQ, I guess I’ll find out in 6 or 7 years when I get around to pirating your game. In the meantime, the closest Kim Jong-Un is ever going to get to this scenario is playing Homefront.

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