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Forever Indoors

May 31, 2012

Humbe Indie Bundle V just dropped while I was taking a nap apparently. Holy shit. Name your price for Psychonauts?! I was holding out for a PS2 copy (since apparently that’s the superior version) but this is too good to pass up. Can see what all the fuss about Amnesia and Bastion are now too. […]

badass drunk

May 8, 2012

Speaking of Bully … So in this game, there’s this drunkard hobo that you can bring radio parts to to learn new punch combos. As in the GTA games, characters have this assortment of random one-liners that they’ll spout off at random times when you’re standing near them. In this guy’s case, it’s a bunch […]

favorite gta radio station?

May 6, 2012

Interactivity time! (Also an excuse to push Tim Oliphaunt’s goofy face down the page. What’s your favorite radio station in the GTA series? I’ve been playing Bully lately, which got me thinking that E3 is right around the corner now and GTA 5 is probably gonna be shown, which put me in mind of this. […]