badass drunk

Speaking of Bully …

So in this game, there’s this drunkard hobo that you can bring radio parts to to learn new punch combos. As in the GTA games, characters have this assortment of random one-liners that they’ll spout off at random times when you’re standing near them. In this guy’s case, it’s a bunch of drunk/crazy street person type stuff. But the training sequences are treated as a “mission” within the game’s structure, so while you’re doing them the guy alternates between normal-sounding scripted lines and his crazy random lines, often in an amusingly janky way.

“That’s good kid!” … “I’LL SLIT YOUR DAMN THROAT!”

“Come back when ya got more parts, but not too early!” … “I’LL SLIT YOUR DAMN THROAT!”

One Response to “badass drunk”

  1. Bully was a good one!

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