Forever Indoors

Humbe Indie Bundle V just dropped while I was taking a nap apparently.

Holy shit. Name your price for Psychonauts?!

I was holding out for a PS2 copy (since apparently that’s the superior version) but this is too good to pass up. Can see what all the fuss about Amnesia and Bastion are now too. LIMBO looks like one of those pretentifart platformers that will piss me off, but who knows.

Update: Patch for the PC version that makes it fully compatible for us Xbox 360 Pad Overlords:

Does this make the PC version as good as the PS2? Better?

UPDATE: They added Braid, Super Meat Boy and Lone Survivor if you beat the average ($8.16 at the moment.) Also, 6 days left.

2 Responses to “Forever Indoors”

  1. Limbo started out good, then just turned into some generic crap a college kid would make.

    • Yeah, I’ve played Limbo and Swords so far … both started out well but seemed like they shot their creative load too soon. High hopes for the rest of it though.

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