people spelling “yea” as “yay”

Gotta get something off my chest here right quick.

I’m not one to stand on formalities, but I die a little inside every time I see a forum thread titled “Yay or Nay?”

In this circumstance – when paired with “nay” – the correct usage is ALWAYS “yea”. Not “yay”. “Yay” is exclusively for celebration. I don’t care how much of the Myspaz/Twatter generation does it. I don’t care that language evolves through use and changes constantly. This one aspect of it shouldn’t, because it looks fucking ridiculous.

Granted “yea” is archaic and this is pretty much the only modern, relevant use of it left (unless you’re putting on an early modern English accent for some reason). But language is the greater part of culture, so could we maybe please not keep actively reducing culture to this level :






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