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RIP David Bowie / Alan Rickman

January 14, 2016

Masters of their respective crafts.

Shenmue Lives

June 17, 2015

Of course they have to do this when I’m at one of the brokest points in my life. Two years ago I would have pledged $500. Had to settle for just the digital copy. Oh well. It’s real. I’m happy.

Annual False Hope Day is upon us again

November 14, 2014

Now with not just ONE sequel that will never be made, but THREE! Yu Suzuki wants to do 5 Shenmue games, claims budget is the only thing stopping him Here’s to another 10 years of being strung along!

Happy Not Today Mother Fucker Day, America

July 4, 2014

RIP Eli Wallach

June 26, 2014

“Roll it up! I’ll give you a good idea where you can put it!”

unsure if new gun or just booze

January 14, 2014

Anyone else with a Yahoo mail account see this upon logout in the last couple days: And immediately get this in their head:

Merry Xmas From Zanzibar Land

December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays you jagoffs

electronic old men

July 6, 2013

Every time one of these stories about NSA wiretapping comes across the news these days, this automatically pops into my head 😦

people spelling “yea” as “yay”

May 22, 2013

Gotta get something off my chest here right quick. I’m not one to stand on formalities, but I die a little inside every time I see a forum thread titled “Yay or Nay?” In this circumstance – when paired with “nay” – the correct usage is ALWAYS “yea”. Not “yay”. “Yay” is exclusively for celebration. […]

Street Fighter: The Movie (1994)

May 8, 2013

Street Fighter: The Movie has been out for almost 20 years now. When it first came out, even as a kid who thought Street Fighter was THE COOOOOOOLEST at the time, to my friends and I this thing was an object of scorn and derision. It was ridiculous and cheesy even to its target audience […]