When the warm weather first begins to really set in for the year, I always get this song in my head:

Well OK … I actually get the original SNES chiptunes version stuck in my head, but I couldn’t find that online anywhere. C’mon internet.

Anyway, it’s particularly nice when sitting by the water on a sunny day watching all the boats go by


like the Oblivion character creation music



Happy Valestein Day!


Sorry for the non-vidya but this is just too hilarious to me to keep seeing in the national news like this

lol clueless old media. You can’t say skeet on the radio!


Since the world is gonna end in 2 days I didn’t make a Xmas mix this year … ah alright I just forgot until now.

For a substitute I would point you toward Ho Ho Hoey instead … this is an obscure series of CDs released in the mid-90s somewhere. I probably never would have heard of them if it didn’t so happen that some radio station I listened to in the late 90s was keen on playing them at Xmas.

Last year’s mix is also available, which I feel is still pretty sharp

UPDATE: This is even better


ESPN 2 recently had this nice little half-hour retrospective on Tecmo Super Bowl:

It starts out with some current and former players sharing their memories of the game, which is cool. I was hoping it would be that and a look back at the making of the game and/or matches between NFL players, but after watching Actual Christian Okoye play against Virtual Christian Okoye for a couple minutes, the rest of the time ends up following a yearly tournament in Madison. That part is still pretty good though. Neat, and not something I’d have expected NFL Films to cover. Nice “retro style” production values too, obviously some big fans of the game were involved behind the camera.


This is mainstream gaming.


Where we are (how we got here not included)


This isn’t some hipster, ironic, “look how wacky this is” retartedness. I really mean this genuinely, from the depths of my heart. I think this man fundamentally understands how to live life.


MONGOL GENERAL: What is best in life?

MORIBUND INDIE GAME DESIGNERS: Self-doubt and pretentious wankiness! Vacillating between self-loathing and misanthropy! Shit haircuts!

MONGOL GENERAL : WRONG!!! Mitsuyoshi, what is best in life?



Typical lying Philly fan


If you are a fellow Lolifornian or somewhere west of the Rockies, I feel obliged to warn you that I had the Jack in the Box cheesesteak on the way home and it was pretty terrible. Yeahyeah I know “what did you expect”, but I actually like their sourdough burger and chicken sandwich when I’m in a really terrible junk food type of mood.
This thing … it was like tough, flavorless “steak” slices with shit piles of cheese and mayo on it to disguise the fact it was HORRENDOUS.